From World Famous Martial Artists

Thanks for everything Mike

Rob Kaman, Amsterdam (NLD) 1995

Mike is a lifelong friend indeed

Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez, Calgary (CAN) 1980

You have excellent kicks. You have an extremely bright future in the sport

Chuck Norris, Vancouver (CAN) 1980

It's been a great pleasure to finally have been to your gym in Calgary after so many years. You've been a great host and a good man. Thanks and hopefully until soon. Say hello to the guys

Rob Kaman, Dutch MuayThai Legend

Mike your kicking is very good. You better practice your golf though

Bill 'Sugarfoot' Wallace, Los Angeles (USA) 1987

The only other guy I have seen use a hook kick like Bill Wallace was Mike Miles

Jim Harrison, Billings (USA) 1989

Peter Cunnigham and I used to sit down and watch film footage of Mike kicking over and over so we could copy it

Ivan Remillard, Edmonton (CAN) 1991

It was great to watch you kick again. Yep. You still got it Mike

Peter 'Sugarfoot' Cunningham, Edmonton (CAN) 1988

Great to train with real fighters Mike

Joe Lewis, Kickboxing Legend, Calgary (CAN) 1998

Perseverance is the key Mike. You will be a Champion

Howard 'The Flash' Jackson, Calgary (CAN) 1981

Keep training and growing Mike

Dan Inosanto, Irvine 1981

I first met Mike at the Irvine event in 1981. I asked him to come and fight for us

Richard Bustillo, Calgary (CAN) 1992

Arnold Urquidez was hot to buy Mike's fight contract

Casey Lowe, Calgary (CAN) 1990

Thank you for everything. We had a good time in the USA (Joke) Canada

Ramon Dekkers, MuayThai Legend

Known for his incredible speed, he is a no-nosense kind of fighter. One of the true pioneers who put Calgary on the map

Gil Lafantaisie, Calgary (CAN) 1995

Benny Urquidez wanted Mike to open a gym up with him as his assistant

Mansoor Esmail, Calgary (CAN) 1988

I generally make a judgement on people within the first few seconds of meeting them, and I must say, in all the hustle and bustle in which you were surrounded on the night of the fight, what impressed me was your humility and decency, in the way you stopped your preparation and allowed me to get a photo of you and Nick Ring

Brian Anyos, Brisbane (AUS) 1998

I am impressed with your mannerisms and professionalism in your philosophy and dealings with others in our industry. You are truly setting standards that the kickboxing industry should learn to live by"- Kirby Barker, Loveland (???) 1999

From Magazines

Mike Miles World Champion fighter, trainer and well respected ambassador for the sport of MuayThai. Mikes tireless pursuit of excellence in our sport has ensured Amateur and Professional Canadian fighters with greater opportunities whist developing the sport of MuayThai in Canada. MuayThai in Canada needs you

John Tozeland, World MuayThai Magazine

Mike Miles represents all that is good about the Martial Arts. Through his deep devotion to MuayThai, tireless training and promotional efforts, Mr. Miles has demonstrated a sense of integrity that is rarely found in life, let alone the fight game. Aside from his extensive skills and knowledge of MuayThai and Kickboxing, his compassion, honesty and dedication make him a valuable asset to our sport. I am proud of my longtime association with Mike Miles, and consider him a true friend and ally

Russ Shawney, Kickboxing Ring Report (USA)

No one word can sum up Mike Miles. He's a man I look up to as a Mentor and also is our MuayThai and Kickboxing Consultant for Kickboxing Monthly. He is an excellent trainer and fighter who has won three World Titles and trained many World Champions respected in England and worldwide for honesty and integrity. If I was fighting a war, this is the man who would be on my side

Keith Allen, Kickboxing Monthly (GBR)

Keep your feeling inside when you train and fighting. You will success and progress. I call Mike Miles ... Successor ... I teach you everything. I teach the 6 fatal secret tricks but you teach nobody until you find a successor and someone you trust. Politeness after study with me. Smile, enjoy life, every time when you train or fighting

Panya Kraitus, Textbook of Payuyuth MuayThai (THA)

Mike Miles is Canada's best known MuayThai exponent. He is a multiple World Champion and North America's only certified Muay Chaiya instructor. He has trained many respected world champions, all of whom are true to the art of MuayThai in practice and in the ring

Tommy McCarthy, Combat (GBR) 1992

Our publication had incredible interest and great feedback from MuayThai fans from around the world when we featured and interview with Mike Miles. One of our best selling issues

Thomas McCarthy, MuayThai Magazine (GBR)

Thanks to 2 Time World Lightheavyweight MuayThai Champion and World Kickboxing Association and IKF Hall of Fame Inducteee Mike Miles, Calgary, Alberta, Canada has become the epicenter for MuayThai Kickboxing. Over the years Mike Miles National Kickboxing and MuayThai Academy has evolved into a factory for producing fighting champions

Michael Afromowitz, MuayThai Magazine (USA)

Bannan, the current WKA South Pacific and Australian super middleweight champion with a record of 23 fights 21 wins 2 losses 11 KOs will take on Nick Ring, trained by the legendary Mike Miles

Silvio Morrelli, International Kickboxer (AUS)

At the age of eighteen Mike has accomplished a great deal in the Martial Arts. Hes dedicated with personality plus, and I'm sure Canadian Karate Today will be hearing more about Mike Miles in the future

Bob Lorimer, Karate Today (CAN) 1977

Miles, a professional world title holder, believes building a fighter means more than making him physically tough. Good fighters must also have a strong base of self-esteem and a focus on their sport

Rick McKenna, Go Magazine 1999

Unable to book his reluctant foe Chris Gerlitz, Mike Miles is scheduled to end his one year retirement on October 6 by fighting for the World Lightheavyweight MuayThai Title at the Sarcee Reserve Arena. The profits from the evening's seven bout card will go to Victims of Violence

Les Sillars, Alberta Report, Calgary (CAN) 1996

To be honest, I admire the fact that Mike has been very outspoken against people who "prostitute and degrade the Martial Arts". It does offend some people, but only those who have something to hide, not true Martial Artists. The truth is the truth, no matter how painful. I am proud of Mike's accomplishments for Canada and very proud to have him contribute to this magazine

Bill Code, West Coast Martial Arts Magazine (CAN)

A structured seminar helps to ensure an interesting pace. According to kickboxing expert Mike Miles, You keep the students attention and have more chances of touching base on all the things you want to teach and let the students experience

Kenneth Nanni, Black Belt Magazine 1986 (USA)

Mike Miles, Canadian National Representative has been busy promoting MuayThai over the years in his homeland, and is now putting the same effort into his involvement with the IAMTF

IAMTF International Newsletter 1995

Mike Miles - Black Belts in Tae Kwon-Do, Karate and Kickboxing. Title winner in sparring kumite and patterns kata

Thomas Nardi, Inside Karate 1986 (USA)

Canadians proved themselves to be both dedicated and willing to progress. If Canada lags behind the US, it wont be for long, not with sharp competitors like Mike Miles from Calgary on the rise

Paul Maslak, Inside Kung Fu 1981 (USA)

Mike Miles - This WKA Supermiddleweight World Champion has been a Black Belt practitioner since 1973. He was seen in the movie Dragon Fist and has scripted out the book Kickboxing Rules and Theory'. He has conducted seminars around the world

Karate International (1992)

MuayThai today is not just an art of self-defense limited to the Thai people, it has become an international sport by which people all over the World shares interest and participation. We need the support and promotion of Mike Miles and National Kickboxing Corporation from Calgary, Canada with their earnest efforts in organizing competitions promoting this sport to World recognition

General Vorayudh Mesommonta, Secretary General, World MuayThai Council, World MuayThai Magazine (THA) 1998

...the fast legs of the crowd pleasing Mike Miles from Canada have helped him break into the Top 10 in the Middleweight Division (in the WKA World Ratings)

Howard Hansen, WKA President, Official Karate (USA) 1980

The second NBL tournament held in this region was in Calgary, Alberta on April 21st. Promoted by Mike Miles, the tournament was a success. ... The 2000 people in the audience were treated to a quality kickboxing show with competitors from various parts of North America putting on a good performance

Jon Funk, Smash Magazine (USA) 1989

World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

Mike Miles Inductions: Man of the Year (1992), Kickboxer of the Year (1992), Kickboxing Coach of the Year (1993), Most Distinguished Kickboxer (1993). Mike Miles has been inducted beside such Martial Arts Legends such as Bill Wallace, Chuck Norris, Benny Urquidez, and Martial Arts movie star Jeff Speakman

World MuayThai Magazine (THA)


I wanted to personally congratulate you and your fighters on their outstanding performances this year. Your fighters have been successful in full-Muay-Thai- rule bouts against opponents from the United States and Thailand. This is a reflection of their hard work and your excellent guidance. Many gyms in North America have tried to produce fighters who can compete successfully under full MuayThai rules at a global level. Your gym has done it! As you know, I've been following the MuayThai scene long before people in North America even knew what it was. I have seen Europe excel in the art and I knew that one day North America would rise and join the ranks of Thailand, France, and Holland. There have been several excellent MuayThai gyms in the U.S. including those taught by former Thai Champions such as Fairtex Gym, Janjira Gym, and the MuayThai Academy of America. But if I had to personally rank a North American gym that produced fighters with the performance and the spirit of MuayThai, I would have to rank your gym as the Number One gym in North America. Keep up the good work. Your knowledge in MuayThai and your leadership to your students, as apparent by their performance, deserve much respect. Your gym have definitely placed Canada on the World MuayThai Map of Champions

Panuchai 'Pop' Praditbatuga, The Belt Is In The Ring (THA)

From Students & Visiting Fighters

To a great teacher and friend, you've taught me more than just Martial Arts, not only a Champion in the ring, but always a champion

Peter Tse

To my teacher in life and MuayThai Kickboxing. We've shared good and bad moments but the best one will be seeing you at the top. "World Champ" Here's looking at you kid. "Keep kicking" Jeff In your corner all the way

Jeff Applegath

As a visiting fighter entering another gym, one usually finds animosity and hostility between competitors. But at Ajarn Mike Miles the environment is open and encourages learning. Attitudes are put aside, and technique takes center stage. Ajarn's techniques are practical and efficient, his fighters well trained and controlled, and constant improvement is on everyone's agenda. Having had the opportunity of training at several top gyms around the world, I find the environment at Ajarn Miles exceptional. Ajarn's way of learning is evolved and disciplined, and questions encouraged to help understand techniques that are being executed. I would like to thank Ajarn Mike Miles for opening his gym to me, and allowing me to learn in his domain. Ajarn's techniques are second to none, and his classes are refreshingly challenging and provide an enriched learning environment. After 10 years practicing the art of MuayThai, 'Thank You' for letting me be a student again

Moss Dalrymple

Calgary Mirror

I'm really excited. My trainer Mike Miles said I really improved for that fight so I'm looking forward to see what else I can do

Kickboxer's Skill Provides Shot At World Title, Randy Sportak 1992

The big thing that impresses me is that Jesse Miles has a hunger and a desire to get down to train and compete, says Mike Miles

Karate Kid Places Second At World Championships, Elsbeth Duurtsema 1995

Calgary Herald

Miles, a native Calgarian, is a kickboxer. He's lean, tough as a strip of jerky, and at 22, eighth-ranked contender for the Kickboxing championship of the world. Miles will shortly start training for a fight in September with the sixth ranked contender

High Flying Kickboxers Show Skills, Mark Lowey 1981

This kickboxing is the thing that has kept me together, says Pelkey, 29, reflecting on his life while sitting in an office at Mike Miles National Kickboxing Club

Kickboxer Can Taste Success, Mario Toneguzzi 1992

Miles, who coaches many of Canada's best kickboxers, won the light-heavyweight crown by decision over the South African pro champion

Kudos 1992

He's small, conceded coach Mike Miles, a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Karate Kid First, Tom Keyser 1992

Mike Miles moves in on the attack with a quick, left kick against sparring partner Peter Tse at Confederation Park in northwest Calgary. The two combatants, both black belt karate experts, spend about five hours a day working out the finer points of martial arts

Fancy Facelift, Terry Cioni 1979

Winning wasn't enough for him, Miles says of Lilley, a master of the MuayThai style

Lilley Was A Champion In And Out Of The Ring, Gyle Konotopetz 1993

For the past six months, she has been sweating it out at Mike Miles National Kickboxing Club

Women Kick Around New Routine, Mario Toneguzzi 1993

Calgary's Mike Miles was the black belt grand champion at the recent Alberta International karate tournament at Thorncliffe Community Centre

Calgarian Is Grand Champion, 1990

Miles goes to great lengths to create a winning environment and does not need to be arm-wrestled into confessing his world championships

Fighting For Respect, Gyle Konotopetz 1994

Mike Miles, the eighth-ranked kick-boxer in the world, got out of hockey because it was too cold on his feet. Now his feet are knocking other guys out cold

Getting His Kicks, Garth Pritchard 1982

The 19 year old spends eight hours a week kicking and punching, running, doing leg exercises and other strenuous conditioning at National

Boxing Gives Her A Kick, Hans Derk 1981

Miles says, Ninety-nine per cent of the clientele do not want to fight. They want to get into shape and learn to defend themselves. They want to learn something that is practical. Kickboxing is a very effective form of self-defence

Fancy Footwork, Christine Diemert 1985

There's a lot of pressure being at home, Miles assessed. I'd rather have fought him somewhere else. When I fight somewhere else, I just get into the fight

Mike Miles Uptight, Steve Simmons 1980

Calgary's Mike Miles was the Black Belt Grand Champion at the recent Alberta International Karate Championship tournament at Thornecliffe Community Center

Calgarian Is A Grand Champion 1988

There is determination in the woman's face, turning a shade of red, as she grits her teeth and successfully completes the gruelling exercise

Fighting For Respect, Gyle Konotopetz 1994

Miles is the world champ (lightheavyweight) of Kickboxing. "Ninety per cent of the people training here don't want to fight. But they want to learn something that is extremely realistic

Reality With A Punch, 1991

On the card billed as a double main event, two middleweights ranked by the World Karate Association will do battle. Calgary's Mike Miles, ranked 10th in the world, will take on 8th ranked Mike McGuire of Vancouver

Morelli Gets His Kicks In Full-Contact Karate, Steve Simmons 1980

Because the field (Martial Arts) is totally unregulated, martial artists can promote each other or themselves to black-belt rankings unheard of in the Orient for their age or experience, or alternatively, make up their own martial art and zero in on a captive and unquestioning audience of budding Bruce Lee's and Chuck Norris's, the movie stars, and charge up to $80 a month for classes. Kickboxing expert Mike Miles approached the city of Calgary last year to form a committee of qualified instructors which would investigate applicants for business licenses and intervene in cases of fraud or misleading advertising. But the proposal was rejected. He says there is nothing to stop instructors from claiming "anything under the sun" and inventing styles of martial arts without even the basics or fundamentals of the arts

Basement Black Belts, Sunday Spectrum 1989

Calgary Downtown

Miles, who has been operating in Calgary since 1978, is no stranger to full contact sports himself. He's a three-time world champion Thai boxer, and his students include amateur world and national champs

Kicking And Punching Around Downtown, Rob Bitschofsky 1994

Calgary Sun

Calgary native Mike Miles is a smart fighter and that's one reason he figures to be World Champion in two years. The other reason - his legs. In the sport of Kickboxing, good leg work is crucial and 21 year old Miles has been working on his legs for 12 years. "I'm a good kicker", he says with a touch of modesty in his voice. And good kickers are not easy to find. "In this fight, I'll show them I can punch too

You'll Get A Kick Out Of Miles, Gary Loewen 1980

If Chris wasn't a jockey, he could have done very well as a fighter, says Mike Miles, the 1992 world light-heavyweight kickbox champ who runs National

Go West Young Man, Al Dahl 1993

I was pretty flattered - it meant a lot to be asked to compete against the world's best, said Jesse Miles

Karate Kid Fights To Top, Suzanne Wilton 1995

Kickboxer Mike Miles shows Harv Schott one of the fight sequences from Dragon Fist

Kids Got A Kick Out Of Their Movie, Alex Tadich 1981

Miles wear glasses and his short beard has a tinge of grey. He has been into martial arts for 26 of his 33 years

Reality With A Punch, Alan Dahl 1992

Mike Miles of the Calgary-based National Kickboxing Corporation, said yesterday Pelkey will represent Canada in the World Championships next March" - Champ Kicks Past Away

Peter Smith 1992

Then there was Chuck Norris in the Octagon..., Now there is Mike Miles in Kung Fu Is An Equal Opportunity Employer, the movie about friendship

Kung Fu Is An Equal What, Alex Tadich 1981

In Thailand, they bet on everything, if two drops of water were falling from the ceiling, they'd bet which one would hit the ground first," says Calgary's Mike Miles, a three time professional world champion. "But Kickboxing is their first love

Getting Their Kicks, Ryan Pyette 1998

I can't help feeling good for the people studying martial arts from Mike Miles

The Most Dangerous Feet In The World, Alex Tadich 1981

There's more to being a champion than wearing a belt," says Miles a three time world pro champion himself. "Being a champion is also being a role model, the belt is part of it but the attitude and realizing the effect you have on kids is also important

Lady's A Champ, Chad Saxon 1998

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit


You can become a good boxer without any difficulty, but it takes cleverness, intelligence and study to become a talented one

Panya Kraitus

Desire is the ingredient that makes the difference between an average performer and a champion


All you need is love

John Lennon

I don't believe it's all for nothing. It's not just written in the sand

Robbie Robertson

Grapes are not harvested from thorn trees, nor are figs gathered from thistles, for they yield no fruit. Good persons produce good from what they've stored up; bad persons produce evil from the wickedness they've stored up in their hearts, and say evil things. For from the overflow of the heart they produce evil

Jesus Christ

I am the light that is over all things. I am all. From me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood, I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there

Jesus Christ

In the end what matters most is How well did you live, How well did you love, and How well did you learn to let go


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

George Carlin

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step. A tree grows from one seedling. A tower starts with one brick


I pay attention to my inner callings and apply my own uniqueness to everything I undertake


Fearless, focused and full of pride

Mike Miles

Lead by example and they will have no choice but to follow


A person who has truly absorbed the art of Thai Boxing is respectful and courteous, humble and self disciplined


There is no limit to improvement


Put yourself in their shoes


Inspiration is contagious


Every person has the potential waiting to be unleashed. If the desire is there, patience will prevail


Let your teaching be so correct that it can not be criticized


Winning is the result of a lifetime of correct choices


The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win


Desire is the ingredient that makes the difference between an average performer and a champion


Success has its enemies. Success inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies

Mike Miles

You cannot buy Filet Mignon at a fast food restaurant. The cream will always rise to the top. If people in Calgary are serious about learning authentic MuayThai, sooner or later they will come and see Ajarn Mike


Pressure is nothing more than the shadow of great opportunity

Michael Johnson

Each one of us carries wounds. We carry them deep within our bodies. Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual. Wounds that keep us from becoming who we really are, that keep us from bringing into the world all that we are capable of giving

Benny Urquidez