Ajarn Mike Miles

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Fighter Profile

Mike Miles
Calgary (CAN)
147lbs to 175lbs
5ft 11.5in
MuayThai, Kickboxing
1977 - 2007

  • 1979 - WKA Amateur Western Canadian Kickboxing Champion
  • 1981 - WKC Professional Canadian Kickboxing Champion
  • 1982 - WKC Professional North American Kickboxing Champion
  • 1992 - USKBA World Lightheavyweight MuayThai Champion
  • 1993 - WKA World Martial Arts Challenge Champion
  • 1996 - IMTO World Lightheavyweight MuayThai Champion
  • 2007 - COMAA World Lightheavyweight Kickboxing Title

Mike Miles started his Martial Arts training in 1967, spurred on by a need for self defense and the desire to compete in an individual sport. Mike began competing under Amateur Full Contact Karate rules in 1977, and from there progressed to Amateur Kickboxing rules in 1979. That same year also marked the beginning of his journey in MuayThai, even though no competitive outlet for MuayThai existed in North America at that time, and would remain this way for a decade to come. Along the way, Mike started instructing in 1976 and opened his first gym in 1977. Thirty years later, he has produced more than thirty World Champions and countless other International, National and Regional Champions.

Ajarn Mike Miles turned Professional in 1980, quickly earning a Top Ten placing in the World Ratings, and later winning 4 World Titles in ring sports. Mike's career has been graced by some of the world's most recognized and celebrated instructors and fighters, many of whom have become good friends.

Fight Promoter Casey Lowe wrote that "Arnold Urquidez, Benny Urquidez's brother, was so impressed that he wanted to buy Mike's fight contract in 1980". Shortly after, Mansoor Esmail of National Fitness Center fame, tells that "Benny Urquidez wanted to open a branch gym of his own in Canada with Mike as a partner in 1981". And in 1990, world renowned no nonsense martial artist Jim Harrison said that "...the only other person I have seen use a hook kick like Bill Wallace is Mike Miles."

Ajarn Mike Miles is a MuayThai and Kickboxing historian, who has authored or contributed to books on the Martial Arts including Kickboxing Volume 1 Rules And Theory, Leg Tactics and Defenses, A Handbook of Dynamic Martial Art, Kinesiology & Flexibility for the Martial Artist, and Kickboxing. Mike also continues work on his 8 volume series on MuayThai, Kickboxing and Full Contact - Techniques, Tactics and Skills.


Ajarn Mike Miles' first and foremost MuayThai instructor is Ajarn Panya Kraitus. Mike lived and trained with the MuayThai Master, and their work has continued for two decades. Mike Miles was certified as a MuayThai Kru under Ajarn Panya and awarded his Ajarn status in a televised ceremony in 2001. Through Ajarn Panya, Ajarn Mike has trained in many camps in Thailand, including the famed and prestigious Muangsurin Camp. Ajarn Mike trained there under the watchful eye of former MuayThai Champions Ajarn Raktae and Kru Supoch (fight name Srinarong Muangsurin).

Kru Supoch, who is now deceased, had asked Ajarn Mike to fight for the famed camp in 1992, at a time when he also trained Den Muangsurin prior to winning over Dutch MuayThai legend Ramon Dekkers.

Visits to other camps in Bangkok and many smaller camps in rural areas also took place during this time. Among the most influential MuayThai athletes and instructors to Ajarn Mike from Thailand are Coban Lookchaomaesithong, Namkhubuan Nogkeepahuyuth, Den Muangsurin, Chummuackpetch Harpalang, Kru Neng Terdtoon, Tanongsak Sor Prantale, Saneh Jaritram, Kru Rhino, Kru Sittisak, Kru Keanpetch Sithprayuth, and Kitti Ung.

Other individuals who have had influence include Holland's Ramon Dekkers and Rob Kaman. And of course there are others who have played a role in Ajarn Mike Miles' training, like Tony Myers, Benny Urquidez, Bill Wallace, Jean Yves Theriault, Howard Jackson, Tony Morelli, Kim Teh, Daryl Duke, Joe Lewis and Peter Cunningham.

Training Experience

Traditional Martial Arts

The early ring fight career of Mike Miles would have benefit from the same opportunities fighters enjoy today when so many more events and tournaments translate into more experience acquired in much less time. While waiting to fight in those early years, Mike would participate in countless martial arts tournaments to keep his timing sharp and his speed and explosiveness crisp.

As a traditional Martial Artist, Mike Miles has won over 300 trophies in international, national and regional events. Mike has participated in several World Championship Martial Arts events, winning a bronze medal in 1986, followed in 1988 by a silver medal. Mike also represented the PKL from 1987 to 1988, and the NBL for a few years later on.

Overall, Mike feels that his love for the ring arts precluded any real commitment to other styles and disciplines, and that therefore it was only fair for those offering help to focus their efforts on other potential students. "Had I been in their shoes I would have wanted the same", said Ajarn Mike.


Ajarn Mike Miles has studied several different styles of Karate, including his official grading from Quai Wong as a Black Belt in Shorinryu Karate (Matsubayashi-ryu). This particular style is more effective because of the more realistic upright stances. Ajarn Mike learned under instructors like Rick Atkinson, himself a student of Gil Gauthier.

Tae Kwon-Do

Years before Olympic Tae Kwon-Do, Ajarn Mike Miles studied ITF Tae Kwon-Do, receiving his Black Belt grading in the process. Mike and several of his peers however soon left the school, feeling that while the kicking style was great, the lack of any use of the hands was not realistic.

From there Ajarn Mike Miles moved on and trained boxing and full contact karate rules with coach and Tae Kwon-Do Master Kim Soon Teh. Some years later Mike received a 5th Degree Black Belt grading from Raymond Walters.


Ajarn Mike Miles received his first introduction to the sticks from Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo, both students of Bruce Lee. At the time Richard asked Mike to fight for his organization, but the idea never materialized because of Mike's involvement with Benny Urquidez and business partner Mansoor Esmail.


The International Kickboxing Federation awarded Ajarn Mike Miles his MuayThai Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor Certificates in 1997. Mike also holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing certified by the WKA in 2001. Ajarn Mike Miles was also one of the first certified in Cardio-Kickboxing under Frank Thiboutot.

Boxe Francaise Savate

Mike began his studies in 1986 under Jean Phillipe Seveno, who was a student of famed French specialist Patrick Augais. His training continued in 1986 in Levallois (Paris FRA) with Patrick Augais and Boxe Francaise Savate legend Richard Sylla. Mike then wrote a thesis on Boxe Francaise Savate, which included grading requirements up to silver gloves.

Later on Mike worked with Kirk Jacques in regards to sending Canadian representatives to the World Boxe Francaise Savate Championships. Roy Lilley was to compete there in 1994, but tragicvally passed away at the end of 1993. Yves Philidor went to fight Boxe Francaise Savate Champion Johnny Deliron in 1995.


Ajarn Mike Miles has trained and sparred with many professional and amateur boxers during his career, and learned some tips from fighters like George Chuvalo and Trevor Berbick. Many years later, in the early 1990s, some of Mike's fighters - Chad Sawyer, Roy Lilley and Nedj Trejic - took part in a training session with former World Champion Dale Brown.

Mike achieved some of his levels in CABA Boxing by participating in seminars with Alberta Boxing Alumni Carmen Reinke, and alongside boxing proponents like Kevin McDermott. Mike worked as a CABA registered coach in the mid 1980s and early 1990s.

Mike's early training in the Oriental Arts soon left him wanting for more realistic alternatives. His friend Benny Urquidez used to say "The way you train is the way you react"! In the traditional Martial Arts this meant not training for impact, which is clearly an approach left wanting in a self defense situation! Mike started serious boxing training in 1975, and was lucky in ending up working with some very exceptional people. Among them are

Mansoor Esmail, once the boxing coach of none other than Idi Amin, was Ajarn Mike's most influential boxing trainer from 1979 to 1984. Mansoor also coached Amateur World Champion Willie DeWit, and top athletes like Kevin McDermott, Terry Coveny, Nathan Horseman, Ken Billinghurst Jr, Pete Estabrooks and many others. Mansoor once complimented Mike that he had the best jab among his athletes; a comment that still means a lot to Mike 25 years later! Mansoor was decades ahead of everyone else in Canada when it came to technique and conditioning, and taught Mike a great deal about the art of boxing.

Jack Whyte is a true gentleman who trained professional boxers in Mike's gym in the mid to late 1980s. Mike sparred with his fighters, and came away with many very useful tips. Jack encouraged Mike to fight as a professional boxer, but couldn't convince the man to give up his beloved kicks!

Bob Harvey was a professional fighter with a great left hook and a large ego he could back up! Bob was not a huge fan of kickboxers, but Mike now fondly remembers many friendly - and funny - training sessions in his gym many years ago.

Lawrence Hafey was another professional boxer Mike learned a lot from. Lawrence could spar with the best, but would always take the time to offer useful tips and techniques. He would have made a great boxing coach.

Daryl Duke was a good man with some exceptional ideas on boxing and how to use the hands effectively. He taught Mike a lot about using the hands.

Pete Estabrooks Sr was a friend of the late and great Ed Parker, the father of American Kempo. Mike did not spend a lot of time learning from Pete, but what he had to offer was always unique and fabulously useful.

Jeff Luker emigrated from the Ukraine, and had some good ideas on boxing technique and skills. Jeff consistently tried to promote a Canada vs Ukraine match in Boxing or Kickboxing, which unfortunately turned out far too expensive.

George Grills ran Miles Gym Boxing Club in the mid 1980s, in part because Boxing gave him time to spend with his sons. George helped many kickboxers, allowing them to fight in boxing competitions.

Ginny Brown spent a lot of time in the early 1990s giving useful hints to Mike's kickboxers how to box, which lead to several athletes winning tournament awards like "Best Left Hook"! Mike has a lot of respect for Ginny, and the two still see each other once in a while.

Ben Yee, a professional boxer from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, was the person who really started Mike thinking about his hands becoming useful weapons.

Art Pollitt was one of the first boxing trainers who offered to train Mike Miles and his friend Keith Black. Art had plenty of boxing secrets to divulge, but has since passed away.

Smitty was a neighbor of Mike's very early in his martial arts training. Smitty lived the life of a fighter long past his heyday, in a house filled with boxing memorabilia from the 1920s and 1930s. He used to throw punching tips Mike's way, but the youngster did not give him his due.

Official Roles

Ajarn Mike Miles is a Canadian MuayThai legend and pioneer with many official roles. Among them are

  • Canadian Representative and Executive Member of the World MuayThai Council
  • Canadian Representative and Vice President of the International Federation of MuayThai Amateur
  • Represents Canada's Celebrated MuayThai Institute of Ajarn Panya Kraitus
  • Founding Member of the Canadian MuayThai Council - Amateur
  • Executive Member and Licensed Ajarn of the Khan Commission (WMC, IFMA, Sport Authority of Thailand, Boxing Board of Thailand)
SitKraitus Camp Canada

Mike was certified in Thailand as the head of Khaay Muay SitKraitus under Ajarn Panya Kraitus in Canada.

Favorite Fighters

Muhammed Ali

A brilliant man who transcended racial injustice and would do anything for children of any color. A legend who in his prime would probably have beaten anybody.

Bruce Lee

Bruce is responsible for started millions into the martial arts. Even the UFC's Dana White calls him the father of MMA. Enough said!

Benny Urquidez

Benny was a very smart and gifted fighter who battled against the best in his time. Other legends like Rob Kaman trained with him.

Namkhubuan Nongkeepahuyuth

A MuayThai Master whose career ended in an alleged scandal in Thailand. He was inspiring to watch.

Coban Lookchaomaesithong

Coban was an extremely strong, tough and solid fighter. And yet outside of the ring he was an incredible gentle man. I really respect and admire him.

Roy Jones Jr

In his prime Roy was a brilliant fighter and joy to watch. A radar would go off in his head while his opponent was still thinking about what to throw.

Rob Kaman

A legend and a class act! Very tactical and very smart in the ring.

Ramon Dekkers

Tough, tough, tough! Always made for very interesting fights.

Bill Wallace

I loved watching Bill kick. In 1980 my manager Jim Wright told me I was possibly going to fight Bill in Edmonton in August. Unfortunately, Bill retired in June of that year.

Georges St.Pierre & Randy Couture

Both are class acts and true gentleman in a sport that appears not to encourage this kind of attitude.

Team Miles Athletes

World Champions

  • Roy Lilley - USKBA World MuayThai Champion, WKA World MuayThai Champion
  • Chad Sawyer - USKBA World MuayThai Champion, WKA World MuayThai Champion
  • Nedj Trejic - USKBA World MuayThai Champion
  • Trevor Mohr - USKBA World MuayThai Champion
  • Vanessa Bellegarde - IAMTF World MuayThai Champion, WKA World MuayThai Champion
  • Jason Fenton - WKA World MuayThai Title, WKA World MuayThai Title
  • Kerry Dell - WKA World MuayThai Title
  • Yves Philidor - WKA World MuayThai Title
  • Erin Linley - WIKBA World MuayThai Title, WMC World MuayThai Title
  • Alana Dunbrack - TBAUSA World Classic Champion
  • Trevor Smandych - WKL World MuayThai Title, WKA World MuayThai Title
  • Scott Clark - IKF World MuayThai Champion Gold Medal, IKF World MuayThai Champion Gold Medal, IKF World MuayThai Champion, WKA World MuayThai Champion, WKA World Championships Gold Medal
  • Sandra Bastian - IFMA World Championships Gold Medal, WKA World MuayThai Champion
  • Jesse Miles - WKL World MuayThai Champion
  • Ashley Odd - WKA World MuayThai Champion
  • Nathan Smandych - IKF World Classic MuayThai Champion
  • Brad Wall - WKA World Championships Gold Medal, IKF World Classic Champion
  • Darren Robson - WKA World Championships Gold Medal
  • Misty Sutherland - WKA World Championships Gold Medal

Other Champions

Ajarn Mike Miles has trained many athletes who have won Intercontinental, North American, Commonwealth, National and regional titles. Among them, in no particular order, are fighters like Nick Ring, Jason Jillain, Mike Trebunia, Jason Taylor, Jason Cutbill, Jennifer Cutbill, Carolyn Friesen, Phil Leier, Alana Dunbrack, Meghan Aebig, Patrick Bowsher, Wayne Kerr, Yuki Tatsuno, Don Gunderson, Gabriel Ostovic, Shawn Pelkey , Shawn Rees, Donovan South, Colleen McDermott, Rob Loder, Adam Gorski, Trish Kingsford, Fern Yee, Billy Bevans, Steve Bergeron, Keith Crawford , Paul Sukys, Gord Anderson, Sokhim Or, Jeremy Rempel, Pam McAllister, Shelley Evans, Julio Flores, Sushil Nand, Yousuf Mapara, Bobby Swyryda, Dirk Witte, Ken Hacke, Bill Slade, Billy Bevans, Yousuf Mapara, and Steve Mityok.

Hall Of Fame & Awards

Ajarn Mike Miles has been awarded many honors for his diligent work in MuayThai, Kickboxing and the traditional Martial Arts, including his induction 34 times into various Martial Arts Halls of Fame as follows

Alberta Combative Arts Hall of Fame

1998 - Alberta MuayThai and Kickboxing Pioneer

COMAA - Continental Open Martial Arts Association

1998 - Promoter of the Year

WKA - World Kickboxing Association

1990 - Canadian Pioneer Award

1993 - Lifetime Achievement Award

1993 - Best Gym Canada

1993 - Best Kickboxing School

1994 - Coach of the Year

1994 - Best Kickboxing School

1994 - Best Canadian Promoter

1995 - Coach of the Year

1995 - Best Kickboxing School

1996 - Comeback of the Year

1996 - Coach of the Year

1997 - School of the Year

1998 - Coach of the Year

1998 - Best Kickboxing School

1998 - School of the Year

2002 - Best Promoter Canada and Alberta

2002 - Best Gym Canada

2002 - Coach of the Year Alberta

WIKBA - Womens International KickBoxing Association

2003 - Promoter of the Year

Round One Kickboxing Hall of Fame

1994 - Best Amateur Promoter of the Year

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

1992 - Man of the Year

1992 - Kickboxer of the Year

1993 - Coach of the Year

1993 - Outstanding Achievement Award

World MuayThai Hall of Fame

1993 - Canadian Pioneer

Heritage Registry Who's Who

2005 - MuayThai and Martial Arts

IKF - International Kickboxing Federation Hall of Fame

1997 - Coach of the Year

1997 - Prestige Award

1998 - Trainer of the Year

1998 - Promoter of the Year

2007 - Kickboxing Pioneers Award

Martial Arts Elite Karate International Magazine Who's Who

1992 - Mike Miles

World MuayThai Symposium (Bangkok THA)

1995 - MuayThai Demonstration with Paramajarn Yodtong Senanan, Paramajarn Thong Lor Ya Lae, Ajarn Chinawut Sirisomphan, Ajarn Ronnie Green, to name a few...

Associate Awards

Ajarn Mike Miles has also had associated students inducted 21 times into various Halls of Fame as follows

IFMA - Amateur World Championships (Bangkok THA)

2006 - Sandra Bastian, Best Female Athlete

2006 - Canada, Best Female Participating Team

IKF - International Kickboxing Federation Hall of Fame

1997 - Chad Sawyer, Professional Fighter of the Year

1998 - Trevor Smandych, Amateur Fighter of the Year Full Contact

1998 - Trevor Smandych, Amateur Fighter of the Year MuayThai

1998 - Sokhim Or, Amateur Fighter of the Year MuayThai

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

1993 - Ajarn Panya Kraitus, MuayThai Man of the Year

Round One Kickboxing Hall of Fame

1994 - Chad Sawyer, Best Amateur Fighter

1994 - Yves Philidor vs Colin Mansur, Best Amateur Fight of the Year

WKA - World Kickboxing Association

1993 - Roy Lilley, Fighter of the Year

1994 - Chad Sawyer, Best Amateur Fighter of the Year

1997 - Kerry Dell vs Igor Zinoviev, Fight of the Year

1998 - Vanessa Bellegarde vs Mercedes Medina, Fight of the Year

2002 - Erin Linley, Female Athlete of the Year

2002 - Phil Leier, Best Canadian Junior Fighter

2002 - Shelley Evans, Alberta Female Athlete of the Year

2002 - Tim Yorke, Best Alberta Official

2002 - Nathan Sarsons, Alberta Official of the Year

IAMTF - World MuayThai Championships (Bangkok THA)

1995 - Chad Sawyer, Best MuayThai Style

1995 - Yves Philidor, Best Ram Muay

1997 - Trevor Smandych, Best Roundhouse Kick Knockout


Ajarn Mike Miles has given countless seminars on MuayThai, Kickboxing and traditional Martial Arts throughout North America. As well, many fighters and martial artists have travelled from around the world to train with Ajarn Mike. He has been offered teaching assignments in many countries around the world.

Ajarn Mike has hosted, worked with/under and trained with many accomplished peers, including the following: Muay Thai Master Ajarn Panya Kraitus as well as Ajarn Raktae Muangsurin, MuayThai Champions like Srinarong Muangsrin, Coban Lookchaomaesithong, Den Muangsurin, Chainoi Muangsurin, Rambo BanMuayThai, Keanpetch SithPrayoud, Kraisumeth Jaritram, Komsan Kriattisak, and Songlith Singthong. Others include Tanongsak Sor Prantale, as well as Dutch legends Ramon Dekkers and Rob Kaman.

Ajarn Mike's first and foremost instructor is MuayThai Master Ajarn Panya Kraitus. Ajarn Mike regularly hires top trainers from Thailand to come and assist him with his athletes. This includes trainers like Rhino Supachok Tatong, Sanek Jaitram, Tanongsak Sor Prantale, Narong Paenpradon and Pansak Daengsap.

Mike learned MuayThai officiating and other skills from Fred Fitzgerald, Tony Myers and Ajarn Prayuth Vong Praramat.

Among the Kickboxing influences in Ajarn Mike's past are Kim Soon Teh, Tony Morrelli, Jean Yves Theriault, Howard Jackson, and of course the legends Benny Urquidez, Peter Cunningham, and Joe Lewis.

Other notable contributions were made by Bruce Lee students Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo, Bill Wallace, Robin Webb, Carmen Reinke, George Chuvalo, Trevor Berbick, Remy Presas, Choi Hong Hi, Peter Cunningham and Dale Floyd.



Ajarn Mike Miles has promoted, co-promoted or assisted in the production of more than 350 events. Among these are

  • Canada's first Full MuayThai events
  • C-MAX 8-Man Professional MuayThai tournaments
  • Canada's first national MuayThai Championships tournaments, including Canadian Golden Gloves and National Championships
  • Canada's first all female fight events
  • Canada's first Team Canada Trials for athletes to fight in Bangkok
  • Canada's first Women's Full MuayThai events
  • Canada's first WMC events
  • Canada's first MuayThai televised events, involving the production of 19 one-hour shows with 40 more ready to go on TSN, Bell ExpressVu, Viewer's Choice and The Fight Network
  • Alberta's first MMA events


Ajarn Mike Miles has done Martial Arts demonstrations or been interviewed on countless news, sports and interview shows. Several commercials for local businesses and television channels have also been shot. The pilot of The Martial Arts, a series meant to cover a wide range of the Martial Arts, featured Mike Miles in a MuayThai showcase. Years earlier, a young Mike Miles demonstrated Tae Kwon-Do on the television series Martial Arts History.

Ajarn Mike Miles student Trevor Smandych was one of 16 elite athletes to compete in The Contender Asia. Trevor left for Singapore less than a day after getting married in Calgary, arriving late for the start of the show, and immediately picked to fight in the first bout.

Ajarn Mike Miles former student Jason Fenton has been picked to represent Canada on It's Showtime, yet another show featuring 16 top athletes.

Ajarn Mike Miles student Clint Booth got to focus on MuayThai in the reality show Dream Chasers.

Ajarn Mike Miles worked with and choreographed a fight scene for Pascale Hutton in the series Hollywood Wives The New Generation (2003).


Ajarn Mike Miles had a part in the low budget Martial Arts movie Dragon Fist (1981).

Ajarn Mike Miles had a larger role in the movie The Champion (1982), which was never completed due to funding problems after many scenes were already filmed.

Ajarn Mike was worked into the original shooting of The Quai, but the project was later scrapped.

Charity Work

Ajarn Mike Miles and his facility believe in giving back to the community, especially anything involving children. Ajarn and his students have donated their time for demonstrations and meetings about the positive impact Martial Arts can offer to the lives of children. Many of these events were hosted by members of the media, and held at community center functions, school facilities, professional sports games, and international events such as the Calgary Stampede and Exhibition. At Mike Miles MuayThai & Kickboxing children regularly get to meet World Champion athletes

Among the community groups and activities Mike has donated to are Christmas Shoe Box, Back Door For Street Kids, Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary Native Women's Shelter, Calgary Women's Shelter, Children's Cottage, Canadian Liver Society, Victims of Violence, Child Find Alberta, Community Outreach, Silent Auctions, Christmas Donations, Uncles at Large, Wood's Home, Children's Haven, Children's Sports Programs, Calgary Fire Department, Victims of the Asian Tsunami, and Child Find Alberta

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Desire is the ingredient that makes the difference between an average performer and a champion


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Mike Miles

You cannot buy Filet Mignon at a fast food restaurant. The cream will always rise to the top. If people in Calgary are serious about learning authentic MuayThai, sooner or later they will come and see Ajarn Mike


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